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Japanese Studies

Selected information resources on Japanese Studies at University of Michigan

Japanese Studies librarian

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Support for research on Japan

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Academic Ethic

Introduction - This guide provides links to resources for Japanese Studies.

English language resources in Japanese studies, please also search each subject in Research Guides for databases on specialized subjects and  consult with subject librarians

Quick start searching publications about Japan in Japanese language

Japan and the World

Request E-books to Japanese Studies librarian

FIND / GET at UM & Beyond

Japanese names & biographical information

Kanji guide


Research institutions / method

AsianLan 440 Academic Japanese

1.  U-M Library homepage            Advance catalog search

2. Library catalog   ローマ字でさがす  Romanization library rule

大阪 おおさか osaka,   天皇 てんの Tenno,    ビール (beer)  biru  ビル (building) biru  

キッチン (kichen)kitchin    日中 (Japan China)  にっちゅう nitchu

Spacing:  デトロイト空港 detoroito kuko   君の名は    kimi no na wa      となりのトトロ tonari no totoro   日本史 Nihon shi   or  Nihonshi  

3.  Japanese romanization

4.  Japanese names    or  -- find how to read names

PRACTICE (1) 真藤順丈    上田岳弘     町屋良平

PRACTICE  (2)  成田空港  世界の中心で愛を叫ぶ    トットちゃん     日朝関係

5.  日本の新聞 Japanese language newspapers     Trial 琉球新報 Ryukyu shinpo

6. Japan Knowledge 

 Encyclopedia of Japan

7. 青空文庫 Aozora bunko corpus Literature and essays

8. 日本語のアカデミックな論文 Japanese academic articles CiNii (not much in full-texts)

9. Fun tool   For example, collect speeches by Prime Minister Abe and examine which words he most uses. 

   Search in google by 安倍首相スピーチ to find the site for speeches.   You can find the speeches by Emperor 天皇 at the Imperial Household Agency 宮内庁 homepage.