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Chinese Studies

A guide to selected digital resources for conducting research in Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan

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What's in this Guide

This LibGuide provides a general map of digital resources for the Chinese Studies community at the University of Michigan.  The majority of the resources listed here are in the Chinese language.  They are categorized into seven tabs.  Start browsing now, and you will learn more about each resource through overviews.  Then click the link and experience its interface and searching function. 

Please note that this LibGuide is not exhaustive.  For example, no printed and microfilm materials are included here although the Asia Library does have a tremendous collection.  It is possible that resources that are specifically useful for your own courseworks and research projects may not be represented here.  If you have any questions, please contact your Chinese Studies Librarian Liangyu Fu for help.


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EPS China Statistics presents series statistical databases on China, which are sourced from industrial, regional and national organizations, and covers various subjects, industries, fields, and all regions of China.


People's Daily (1946-present) may need no introduction for Chinese studies scholars.  This version provides a more smooth access to the content than the older version.


China from Empire to Republic includes two modules: Missionary, Sinology, and Literary Periodicals and Records of the Maritime Customs Service of China 1854-1949.


Translations of the Peking Gazette Online contains approximately 8,500 pages of English-language renderings of official edicts and memorials from China’s long nineteenth century.


UDNdata Newspaper Database 聯合知識庫全文報紙資料庫 covers eight Taiwanese newspapers, including United Daily News, Minsheng Daily, United Evening News, Economic Daily News, and Star News.


UM's subscription to the Chinese Text Project enables faculty and students to easily and efficiently access full-text data for digital humanities research and teaching use, through both the online web interface by means of a variety of plugins, as well as through other specialized mechanisms such as data mining APIs.


China Government Gazettes Full-text Database 中国政报公报期刊文献总库 is a comprehensive collection of government gazettes, bulletins, announcements, and proclamations, and is updated frequently.


Zhonghua Ancient Books Database 中华经典古籍数据库 includes 630 titles (400 million characters) of Confucian classics, history, philosophy, and literature works that are proofread, collated, and published by 中華書局.


Chinese Film and Newsreel Scripts from the Cultural Revolution Online can be used in combination with this index.


The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists (1850~1951) 字林洋行中英文报纸全文数据库 covers the English and Chinese newspapers published by North-China Daily News & Herald, Limited, the most important and largest British-founded press agency in Shanghai in the 1800s


"Pishu 皮书": China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database contains over 1000 volumes of 1996-present 'Pishu' (皮书, which literally means ‘cover-books’).


Soshoo 搜数 provides full search function to China-related statistical data, covering Mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. All data can be exported as Excel form.


China Infobank 中国资讯行 provides access to real time business news, China general news articles and magazines, information and statistics on government, reports and statistics of various industries and regions in China. Indexed and updated daily. 


South China Morning Post (1903-1996) 南華早報 is a premier English-language title that gives researchers new insights into Hong Kong's unique political and social history during the 20th century.

Commonly Used Databases

CJK Computing

Using digital recourses listed in this LibGuide requires certain knowledge of Chinese and Japanese computing. Click on the topics below to learn more.

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