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Korean Studies

Provides selected research resources in the area of Korean Studies, with a particular focus on social sciences and humanities resources.

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Go to "Articles & Databases" page for Korean Full-Text journal articles (DBPIA / KISS), E-Books, and Newspaper archives.

Library Articles Search and Google Scholar help you find articles in Korean. Just key in 한글 in a search box!

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Essentials of Library Research

Primary Sources Primer

Introduction to the nature of primary sources and how to find them at the University of Michigan, including resources on campus, external to campus, and online.


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Book Purchase Requests

 Books on Korea( provides special service to the U-M library users to search a book in its site and send a purchase request directly to the Korean Studies Librarian. It’s simple and fast!  

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한국어 자료

도서관 목록 Library Catalog Search에서 한글 키워드로 검색하세요

예)  현대 소설 이론 (제목: 한국 현대 소설 의 이론 과 쟁점)

       민족 기원 형성 (제목: 한국 민족 의 기원 과 형성 연구)

New Resources