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Knight-Wallace Fellows

Resources - articles, books, electronic databases, visual media, music and more - offered by the University Library. Organized by general categories of interest (see "Resources by Subject").

Public Policy/Government

Public Health/Health Care/Health Policy

Business & Economics

Kresge Library Services are part of the Ross School of Business, and separate from the University Library system. Search their website for resources related to business, management, marketing and administration.

Cultural Studies

On this page

On this page are resources by selected broad categories: communications/media, news and current events, regional/country/international studies, public policy and government, business and economics, climate change and the environment, public health, and education.

Education resources

News & Current Events (including historical news)

Communications/Media Resources

Regional/country studies

The Asia Library (Chinese, Japanese and Korean language materials and areas of study) and International Studies team have subject specialists who help scholars study specific languages, cultures, countries and regions.  Explore the guides below for suggested resources.