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Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in pharmacy & pharmacology.

Patient Safety Resources for Pharmacy

On this page, you can find resources on patient safety that are specific to pharmacy.  For a broader list of topics, please visit the Patient Safety research guide.

Fact Sheets & Tools

Search Terms to Use in Databases

Search terms will vary, depending on the database you are using.  Below is a list of useful terms, with PubMed's MeSH terms noted.  Be prepared to use synonyms in your searches, as patient safety as a concept is relatively new to the literature.

  • Accident Prevention [MeSH]
  • Checklist [MeSH, added 2010]
  • Disclosure [MeSH]
  • drug error
  • Iatrogenic Disease [MeSH]
  • Inappropriate Prescribing [MeSH]
  • Liability [MeSH]
  • Malpractice [MeSH]
  • Medication Errors [MeSH]
  • Medication Reconciliation [MeSH]
  • patient AND safety
  • Safety Management [MeSH]
  • Risk Management [MeSH}
  • Truth Disclosure [MeSH]

Featured Resource

AHRQ features three programs that used pharmacists in various ways to provide medication therapy management services to patients in different settings. One of the featured profiles describes an innovation that is being adapted and implemented by participants of the Medication Therapy Management Learning Community.