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THL Citation Management: EndNote FAQ

Tutorials provided by the Taubman Health Sciences Library on citation management programs.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get EndNote?

What is the newest version of EndNote?

How can I learn to use EndNote?

How do I make a folder? Do I have to have a different library for each project?

What is the difference between a Group & a Group Set?


Can I turn on/off "auto prompt to save"?

I know 2 files are created for each EndNote library, .ENL & .DATA. If I don’t save PDFs in my library, can I just ignore the .DATA file?


Are EndNote libraries created on PCs compatible with Macs?

Are previous versions of EndNote compatible?

My colleague uses Refworks. Can these two programs work together?

How can I share my EndNote library with a colleague? Is there a way to only share a portion of it?


Output Styles

I need a different bibliographic style for my references. How do I find more styles?


Can I edit a style? The style EndNote has for the journal I’m submitting my article to doesn’t match the examples the journal sent me.


My paper is formatted in APA style, but I need to change it to Vancouver. Can I do this?


I’m working on a Word document and need to add a page number or remove the year from a parenthetical citation (Anderson, 2001).

Will EndNote re-number references for me if I move them around?

Is there a unique identifier I can use to keep track of things from my EndNote library?


I can’t find a filter that matches the database I’m using.

I can search PubMed from within EndNote. But how do I keep it from dumping all the results into my library?

Is there a way I can keep track of what database the record came from?


I have a paper I’ve been writing, but I don’t have EndNote installed yet. Is there anything I can do now so that my paper will work with EndNote after I have it installed?

Is there any way to access EndNote from home?

I have lots of PDFs & I want them in EndNote. How can I do this?

I want to put my EndNote references into an Excel or Access database. How can I do this?

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More Information

EndNote guide from the MLibrary.