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Library Research Guides

ED 431: Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary School

For ED 431 students find and evaluate resources that they can use while teaching elementary school social studies

Economics Call Numbers

Use the Advanced Search in Library Catalog Search to limit your search to the Children's Literature collection.  It is easy to do keyword searching from there.  You can also visit the collection and search the shelves with these call numbers to browse books about economics.

HC105 Industrial Revolution

HC106 Great Depression

HG221 Money/Currency

HG179 Economics

Learn More About Economics

These resources will help you learn more about various aspects in economics.  They are written in easily accessible language and will provide background knowledge on a variety of economic concepts.

Council for Economic Education Understanding Economics in Civics and Government
An online textbook by the Council for Economic Education geared toward
high school students with activities for high school students. It will provide
good background knowledge for teachers. Includes a glossary for every
topic in the textbook.
Economics by Khan Academy Economics
Khan Academy's high school course on microeconomics.
Understanding Economics by the IMF Understanding Economics: Back to Basics
The IMF's description of basic economic concepts.
Economics Glossary by the Economist Economics Glossary
The Economist's glossary of economic terms with internal links to other economic concepts.

Economics Classroom Resources

These resources include lesson plans and other materials that will help you teach economics.  You may find the Social Studies page very helpful as well.

Council for Economic Education

Includes economic topics, lessons, and interactive online lessons that
can be sorted by concept, grade level and type by the Council for 
Economic Education. Some materials include narrative children's literature
options such as Ruby and Max and Uncle Jed's Barbershop.

Teaching K-5 Economics Teaching K-5 Economics
A little dated, but includes lesson plans, a glossary, and activities that
use narrative children's literature to teach economic concepts (If You
Give a Mouse a Cookie
, Monster Musical Chairs, etc.)
Resources for Educators from the American Economic Association Resources for Educators
American Economic Association's resources for economic educators at
all levels
Econ Pop EconPop
A loot at economic concepts in pop culture, including the Lego Movie,
WALL-E, etc.