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Digital Scholarship

Introduction to digital scholarship resources, tools, and projects

Data Visualization

  • RawGraphs is a free and open-source data visualization tool. You can create different types of visualizations and graphs by using your own data or trying one of the datasets that the application provides. 
  •  D3JS is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. 
  • R Studio is an integrated development environment for R (a programming language for statistical computing and graphics). It is available in two formats: RStudio Desktop is a regular desktop application while RStudio Server runs on a remote server and allows accessing RStudio using a web browser.  

Network Analysis

  • Cytoscape is a free, open-source, visual interface for importing, visually exploring, and analyzing graphical data.
  • Onodo is a free and open-source web application that allows you to create network visualizations It’s easy to use and you can either import your own data spreadsheets or create the columns with data directly on their interface. 
  • GEPHI is an open-source network analysis data visualization tool. GEPHI allows you to visualize different sets of data, from simple to more complex ones. 

More information on data visualization tools (including Python, R, Javascript, among others) can be found by consulting the Data visualization research guide (note that the research guide is focused on useful tools for doing data science). For working with R and data science specifically, an useful resource is the open-source book R for Data Science (available online). For Data Visualization in general, you can also check out the book Semiology of Graphics and the document Equity & Inclusion in Data Visualization created by the University of Washington.

For questions about tools and how to get started with them, you can reach out to U-M Visualization Librarian Justin Joque or schedule a consultation with the digital scholarship team at