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Digital Scholarship

Introduction to digital scholarship resources, tools, and projects

Conceptualizing and Planning Your Digital Project

Ready to get started with your digital project? The resources below are organized to help you start conceptualizing and planning your digital project while considering the different stages and tasks that it may involve for you and your team. 

If you have questions, please consider reaching out to the digital scholarship team at the library ( to get connected with an expert who can make recommendations about project planning and management. 

Conceptualizing Your Digital Project

  • DS 101: Conceptualizing your Project. This workshop offers an overview of different scholastic outcomes, objectives, and deliverables to take into account when conceptualizing your digital project. Discussed approaches include how to demonstrate the scholarly rigor of your digital project, accurately credit the labor required of the project at every stage, and provide evidence and metrics for promotion and job dossiers.
  • How Did They Make That?, and How Did They Make That? The Video! By Miriam Posner (2013). The post and the video present a set of digital humanities projects to get a handle on the kinds of tools and technologies available to use in digital scholarship.

Planning Your Digital Project