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Research Data Management (Health Sciences)

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization deals with communicating information about an existing data set through a visual medium. Data visualization takes advantage of the brain’s ability to efficiently process visuals. A high volume of information can often be easily understood through an image. Data visualization can be used for

  • discovery
  • hypothesis generation
  • analysis
  • representation of data for publication
  • communication of data for presentation

Library Visualization Resources

Taubman Health Sciences Library:

Taubman informationists can help with your health-related data visualization needs.  We can connect you to the right people, help you access the appropriate health data, direct you to the right resources, and provide instruction for certain resources, including

Clark Library (Hatcher Library):

Library Data Visualization Service

  • workshops and classroom instruction
  • advanced hardware and software


Campus Visualization Resources

3D Imaging Laboratory (Department of Radiology):

  • Provide clinically relevant visualization and analysis of medical imaging data

Advanced Research Computing (ARC):

  • Computational science, data science, technology services, statistics consultation
  • High performance computing

Michigan Multimedia (M3):

  • Build websites
  • Specialize in web strategy and graphic design

Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory (part of BRCF):

  • Equipment for microscopic imaging, including fluorescence microscopy, & scanning and transmission electron microscopy

UM3D Lab (Duderstadt Center):

  • 3-D visualization via a variety of methods

Data Visualization Tools

Scripting Languages:

Network Visualization:

Combination Packages: