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Digital Scholarship

Introduction to digital scholarship resources, tools, and projects

Digital Scholarship Resources at U-M Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is rich in resources, and there are number units at the university and at the U-M Library where you can find expertise, get research and teaching help, and get access to tools and subscriptions.

If you don't know where to start, send your questions to and get connected with an expert in the library who can make recommendations about next steps. 

Workshops and Training Opportunities

To get started learning new tools, approaches, and methods, consider taking workshops with the library and our campus partners.

U-M Library Support for Digital Scholarship

Getting Help for a Digital Scholarship Project at U-M

A number units at the University of Michigan and in the U-M Library can assist you with tools and expertise for digital scholarship projects or classes.

Resources for Graduate Students

In addition to the above offices and centers, graduate students, in particular, have access to a number of opportunities to develop skills, engage in learning communities, and gain credentials.