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Digital Scholarship

Introduction to digital scholarship resources, tools, and projects

Digital Publishing

There are many options for publishing your work and making your research available to the public. Factors to consider include your research question, accessibility, platform choice, community infrastructure and technological bandwidth, long-term maintenance and sustainability concerns, and ethical or privacy issues. On accessibility, in particular, we recommend that you consult the resources available in the Describing Visual Resources Toolkit. This toolkit was designed to support authors, editors, publishers, and arts organizations in advancing the description of visual resources for accessibility in arts and humanities publications.

If you'd like to talk through options for tools, platforms, processes, we encourage reaching out to In addition, we encourage consulting our resources related to research impact to learn about the best ways to increase findability and to measure impact.

Publishing with U-M Library

There are several options for publishing content with the U-M Library that will depend on the nature of your materials, the purpose of the project, access restrictions, and preservations needs, among others.

Other Digital Publishing Tools

There are many options for publishing your digital research. Many academic presses, like U-M Press, now offer digital open access platforms such as FulcrumManifold, PubPub, ScalarOmeka or or Mukurtu

For platforms not hosted by the university, the library and its partners offer limited support, but we welcome inquiries and are happy to provide consultations and recommendations to develop work plans, data management plans, and preservation strategies. 

Contact us with your questions at