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Digital Scholarship

Introduction to digital scholarship resources, tools, and projects in the field of digital humanities.

Finding & Building a Community

Twitter is increasingly a powerful tool for creating networks of scholars. For some examples, take a look at the search results from #digitalhumanities, or see this list of digital humanities scholars from Dan Cohen (Director of the Center for History and New Media). Joining the scholarly conversation happening on Twitter is a great way to bolster support for your own project.

Organizations & Conferences

A number of traditional academic societies are adding digital humanities sessions and information to their own annual conferences. For example, the Modern Language Association sponsored a workshop on "Getting Started in the Digital Humanities with DHCommons" during their 2012 conference.

If your professional organization hasn't yet offered DH programming, use the DH community resources listed in this guide to find other like-minded individuals in your field to organize such programming yourself.

Digital Humanities Labs and Centers at Other Institutions