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Library Research Guides


Guides on using library services and selected resources including journals, databases, ebooks, reference works, etc., for research in chemistry, including: analytical, organic, inorganic, biological, and physical chemistry.


Ready to explore the Chemical information world? This research guide will get you started with resources you need for learning, teaching and research in Chemistry, especially those collected/subscribed by MLibrary. Please use the side tabs to navigate through recommended databases, journals, ebooks, and other resources. 

If you need any assistance during your chemistry-related research, please contact your Chemistry Librarian as shown in the Library Contact box below. 

Download/print FAQ about MLibrary resources and services for students and researchers in Chemistry. 

Selected Ebooks for General and Introductory Chemistry

Navigate through MLibrary

Q1: How to Access MLibrary?

Q2: How to Get Help?

Q3: How to Find Books?

  •  Library Catalog – Mirlyn  
    • To find the location/call number/links for books, journals, videos, conference proceedings, etc.
    • “Available online”: Link to online resources
    • “GetThis”
      • Recall an item
      • Deliver items to the library you preferred
      • Link to 7Fast delivery service – scanned articles/book chapters sent through Email 

Q4: How to Check Out and Renew Books?

Q5: How to Find Articles?

Q6: How to Access Databases?

Q7: How to Access Resources Remotely?

Q8: How to Get Resources MLibrary Does Not Own?

Q9: How to Browse Resources Recommended?

  • Browse box on the MLibrary homepage
    • Select Science --> Chemistry --> Select the field

Q10: How to Get Technology Help?

  • LSA IT is in charge of IT needs for Chemistry Department
    • ITS website provides a list of software available in Sites locations
  • For Research Data sharing, preservation, and visualization visit the Research Data Services
  • Check the Shapiro Design Lab for an assistance with art projects
    • features a variety of tools: 3D printers, audio/video hardware and software, letterpress, prototyping supplies, and more.



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