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Selected resources including journals, databases, ebooks, reference works, etc., for research in chemistry, including: analytical, organic, inorganic, biological, and physical chemistry.

Regulations, Policies and U-M Policies

Safety highlights from the American Chemical Society

  • The Safety portal by C&EN covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs and in manufacturing. 
  • Free Online Course: Foundations of Chemical Safety and Risk Management for Chemistry Students. The target audience is undergraduate chemistry students who have completed two semesters of general chemistry and one semester of organic chemistry, but anyone who wants to increase their knowledge about risk-based chemical safety can sign up. The self-paced course includes 17 units and takes approximately 15 hours to complete. Participants will learn the components of a strong safety culture, how to recognize hazards in the laboratory, methods to minimize hazards and risks, processes needed to plan for emergencies, and how to apply the principles of RAMP to laboratory operations.
  • Careers in Chemical Safety for Chemists
  • Safety, containment, and analysis of highly potent compounds from development to commercialization – white paper
  • 25 years after Karen Wetterhahn died of dimethylmercury poisoning, her influence persists

Guides and Tutorials

Reference Books for Chemical Safety Information

Check more reference books on Hazardous substance  and Chemical safety.

Database containing Chemical Safety Information

Open Access database to check CAS number and basic info. It contains nearly 500,000 chemical substances.