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ChemBioOffice: Professional illustrations and beyond for chemists and biologists

Basics for using ChemBioOffice/ChemBioDraw and brief introduction to applications of its different tools

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Yulia Sevryugina
3162 Shapiro Library,
919 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-1185


Chem & Bio Office is a software suite used by chemists and biologists to create professional structures, figures and diagrams for research and scholarly communication. It also offers tools for predicting properties and spectra based on structures. Furthermore, the suite also offers knowledge management and infomatics tools and related databases application for lab use.  

This guide focuses on basic creation of structures and diagrams as well as properties and spectra prediction by using ChemBioOffice.

Access to ChemBioOffice Ultra 2010 Suite

  • Install it on your own computer

Please go to the ITS site license page here . Then, click on the link to the Registration Instructions to follow the directions in it to download the software and retrieve the serial number.

  • Use it on computers at Science Learning Center 

Visit either of the SLC at the Main Branch (1720 Chemistry Building) or the Satellite Location (2165 Undergraduate Science Library) and use the software on the Windows computers (76 at the main SLC and 13 at the USB).  Please find it under Programs /CourseSoftware /SLC /ChemBioOffice201x

  • Use it on Virtual Site

The university Virtual Site at also has it installed. After log in with your Unique name and password, select the Windows Vista system and connect. You will find the software at All Programs /Course Software  /SLC /ChemBioOffice201x . Please make sure you wait for a minute to allow all the program icons to load after connection.