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Rebecca Welzenbach

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Rebecca Welzenbach
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I empower scholars to create the conditions under which they can establish:

* a strong public identity,
* a coherent account of their contributions to the scholarly enterprise,
* and a persuasive body of evidence for the impact of their work within the academy,
...and for the public.

I can answer questions about and provide training on the following tools and topics: Altmetric/Altmetric Explorer, bibliometrics/citation analysis, Dimensions,, Michigan Research Experts, research impact metrics, and establishing and maintaining a public scholarly profile.

I'm also always glad to talk about open access, repositories, copyright and licensing issues, etc., as they pertain to making your work more discoverable, usable, and impactful. 

My Guides

Last update: Jan 3, 2022 138 views
Last update: Dec 14, 2023 413 views
Last update: Jan 29, 2024 234 views
Last update: Dec 11, 2023 2221 views
Last update: May 17, 2022 27726 views
Last update: Jun 1, 2023 118 views
Last update: May 16, 2024 107 views
SI 563: Game Theory
Last update: Aug 28, 2023 6 views
Last update: Jan 13, 2024 55 views
Last update: Jan 13, 2024 51 views

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