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Find and use images and other visual resources from the University Library. Email us at with questions about finding and using images.


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Using Images within the Scope of Copyright

When using images, it's your responsibility to observe the rights of copyright holders. For copyright information see the source information with each image description.

When you're using images in the classroom, your rights generally fall under the Fair Use guidelines. 

When using image sources brought to you by the library, (unless otherwise noted):

   you may download or copy an image for a class paper.

   you may download or copy an image for a class/seminar/conference presentation.

   you may link to an image from your webpage or course (Canvas) page, but remember that non-UMich users may not be able to access images from some databases.

   you may NOT download or copy an image to put on a publicly available website.

   you may NOT download or copy an image for any other type of publishing, without requesting permission from the copyright holder. In many cases we have contact information should you need to contact the copyright holder, and we'll be happy to help you find contact information.


Remember that whenever you use an image for a class or lecture or in a paper, you should still make sure to cite where you found the image, just like you'd cite any text you quote. For citation examples, see our citing multimedia page. Please contact us at for further information or with any questions you might have.