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Global Health Information & Resources

University Library, University of Michigan and external resources for all those interested in the many facets of global health.

Highlighted Resource: GIDEON

GIDEON Database is a current, evidence-based resource for diagnosis, treatment, and teaching in the fields of infectious diseases, epidemiology, and microbiology.  *One year trial through May 15,2023*

  • 365 infectious diseases from around the world
  • Epidemiological data and mapping from 1348 AD to present
  • 26,000+ outbreaks
  • 24,000 country notes
  • 400+ eBooks
Use GIDEON to:
  • Diagnose, treat and track information on infectious diseases
  • Generate country-specific diagnoses based on symptoms, signs, and laboratory data
  • Review country-specific notes and pre-travel information for healthcare providers and travelers
  • Review pharmacology and compare usage of anti-infective drugs and vaccines

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