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Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Resources relevant for the study of the Middle East (Southwest Asia) and North Africa from the ancient to the modern period

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Middle East or Southwest Asia?

Regional designations represent a conceptual framing linking particular territories in some way, often rooted in social, political or imperialist interests. There has historically been a lack of consensus on what countries and territories constitute the regional designation "Middle East," as used by governments, non-governmental agencies, and scholars. Areas of Africa are often included (subsumed without naming) and sometimes even Central Asian areas. Some agencies (such as the UN) have used terms like "West Asia" or "South-West Asia" for these areas and some liberation movements (such as SWANA Alliance) choose alternative expressions like Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) as decolonial terms. For more on the history and significance of these regional designations see "Where is the Middle East?" from the UNC Center for Middle East & Islamic Studies. 

Transliteration / Romanization

Transliteration (called Romanization when converting to Latin characters) is essential for searching in catalogues, databases, indexes, full text collections, etc. Systems vary considerably by publication / electronic resource / scholarly community / language of influence. Most North American library catalogues (including our local catalogue) use the Library of Congress (ALA / LC) Romanization system. For comparison of various transliteration systems, see the samples linked below along with Thomas T. Pedersen’s comparison tables

Sampling of Transliteration / Romanization Systems

Transliteration Comparison Tables (Thomas T. Pedersen)

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·         Pamphlets about Algeria

·         Pamphlets about Egypt

·         Pamphlets about Jordan

·         Pamphlets about Lebanon, Iraq, Mauritania, the Middle East

·         Pamphlets about Oman

·         Pamphlets about Pan-Arab Organizations

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Working on a specific religious tradition in the Middle East (Southwest Asia) and North Africa? You may find the following U-M Library research guides helpful as well