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[Author Talk] MEDLINE search retrieval issues: A longitudinal query analysis of five vendor platforms - Thursday January 12, 2023 1-2:00pm Eastern Time

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Date & Time: Thursday, January 12, 1-2:00 pm Eastern (Detroit) Time

Registration: None required

Accessibility: Live CART captioning; transcript available with recording. Please contact Whitney Townsend ( to discuss additional accommodations by Monday, January 9 2023.

Recorded: Yes; transcript and recording will be available on this page after the event.

Files: .pptx slide download | .pdf slide download | via Google Drive

Presenters: Tyler Nix (University of Michigan), C. Sean Burns (University of Kentucky) [Whitney Townsend, University of Michigan, host]


[Author Talk] MEDLINE search retrieval issues: A longitudinal query analysis of five vendor platforms

While the Medline dataset is primarily accessed through the Pubmed interface, search professionals can choose to use any one of a variety of vendor-provided platforms to build their Medline searches. Platform tools and features may vary, but if we don't do anything fancy, the results should be about the same across these platforms, right? And if they're not, how do you test this question systematically?

Tyler Nix and Dr. Sean Burns join us to discuss how they tackled these questions across five different Medline platforms, and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the methodology and results from their 2021 paper. We will also discuss what these findings mean for expert searchers, and which questions may remain regarding search consistency across Medline platforms (I'm looking at you, Pubmed proximity searching!)

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MEDLINE search retrieval issues - Recording & Chat Transcript

This recording is 56 minutes long and includes a closed caption option and a rolling, searchable, downloadable transcript.

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  • For this presentation, we recommend that you pull up the article and search query spreadsheet in order to make it easier to follow along during the results discussion.
  • If you are unable to view the video due to website or software restrictions at your institution, please contact Whitney Townsend (