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String Resources

This is a guide to locating information and materials related to string instruments in the Music Library.

Harp Instruction & Study

Clark, Melville. How to play the harp.
MT 542 .C59 1932

Cousineau, Jacques-Georges. Methode de harpe.
MT 542 .C87 1968

Inglefield, Ruth K. and Lou Anne Neill. Writing for the pedal harp: a standardized manual for composers and harpists.
MT 540 .I52 2006

Krumpholz, Jan Krtitel. Principes pour la harpe: avec des exercices et des preludes d'une difficulte graduelle.
MT 545 .K94 1977

Lawrence, Lucile. Method for the harp; fundamental exercises with illustrations and technical explanations (as an introduction and complement to Carlos Salzedo's "Modern study of the harp."
MT 542 .L42

Salzedo, Carlos. Modern study of the harp.
MT 542 .S19 1948

Harp History, Construction & Instrumentalists

Bochsa, Robert Nicolas Charles and Patricia John. Bochsa's history of the harp.
ML 1005 .B671 1990

Erard, Pierre. Dossier Erard: the harp in its present improved state compared with the original pedal harp.
ML 1006 .E65 1980

Kaiser, Linda P. Pulling strings: the legacy of Melville A. Clark.
ML 424 .C55 K37 2010

Owens, Dewey. Carlos Salzedo, from aeolian to thunder: a biography.
ML 419 .S186 O95 1993

Rensch, Roslyn. The harp: its history, technique and repertoire.
ML 1005 .R43

Rensch, Roslyn. Harps and harpists.
ML 1005 .R43 2007

Rosenzweig, Heidrun, ed. Historische Harfen: Beiträge zur Theorie und Praxis historicher Harfen = Historical harps: theoretical and practical aspects of historical harps.
ML 1005 .H57 1991

Tournier, Marcel. The harp: a history of the harp throughout the world - harp notation.
ML 1005 .T733