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String Resources

This is a guide to locating information and materials related to string instruments in the Music Library.

Double Bass Instruction & Study

Benfield, Warren and James Seay Dean, Jr. The Art of Double Bass Playing.
MT 320 .B46

Green, Barry. Advanced Techniques of Double Bass Playing.
MT 330 .G79 2004

Green, Barry. The Fundamentals of Double Bass Playing.
MT 320 .G79

Green, Barry and Jeff Neighbor. The Popular Bass Method.
MT 322 .G79 1999

Levinson, Eugene. A School of Agility: A Technical Method of the Scale System for String Bass.
MT 330 .L66 2002

Reid, Rufus. The Evolving Bassist: A Comprehensive Method in Developing a Total Musical Concept for the Aspiring Jazz Bass Player.
MT 330 .R36 2000

Vance, George and Annette Costanzi. Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass.
MT 322 .V22 2000

Zimmerman, Frederick. A Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique for the Double Bass.
MT 320 .Z73 199-

Double Bass History, Construction & Instrumentalists

Brun, Paul. A New History of the Double Bass.
ML 920 .B7851 2000

Rosengard, Duane. Contrabbassi Cremonesi = Cremonese Double Basses.
ML 921 .R671 1992

Fordham, John. Bass Greats: Inspirational Jazz Bassists.
ML 398 .F6 D3 2005

Palmer, Fiona M. Domenico Dragonetti in England (1794-1846): The Career of a Double Bass Virtuoso.
ML 418 .D73 P351 1997