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Library Research Guides

String Resources

This is a guide to locating information and materials related to string instruments in the Music Library.

Violoncello Instruction & Study

Bunting, Christopher. Essay on the craft of 'cello-playing.
MT 302 .B94

Galamian, Ivan. The Ivan Galamian scale system: for violoncello.
MT 302 .G15 1994 

Gendron, Maurice. The art of playing the cello.
MT 302 .G32 2001

Luckman, Phyllis. Handbook for cello students: music theory and other facts.
MT 300 .L83 1998

Mantel, Gerhard. Cello technique: principles and forms of movement.
MT 300 .M293

Marton, Anna. New perspectives in position playing: for violoncello, with 125 short exercises.
MT 308 .M39 2000

Matz, Rudolf. The complete cellist.
MT 302 .M453

Potter, Louis Alexander. The art of cello playing: a complete textbook-method for private or class instruction.
MT 302 .P87 1980

Sazer, Victor. New directions in cello playing: how to make cello playing easier and play without pain.
MT 785 .S29 N49 1995

Schröder, Alwin. 170 foundation studies for violoncello.
MT 305 .S38 1988

Wimmer, Harry. The joy of 'cello playing.
MT 305 .W757 J88 1986

Violoncello History, Construction & Instrumentalists

Bacon, Analee. The evolution of the violoncello as a solo instrument.
ML 910 .B13

Ginsburg, Lev. History of the violoncello: [Western violoncello art of the 19th and 20th centuries, excluding Russian and Soviet schools].
ML 915 .G4813

Straeten, Edmund Sebastian Joseph van der. History of the violoncello, the viol da gamba, their precursors and collateral instruments, with biographies of all the most eminent players of every country.
ML 910 .S89 1971

Walden, Valerie. One hundred years of violoncello: a history of technique and performance practice, 1740-1840.
ML 915 .W251 1998

Wasielewski, Wilhelm Joseph von. The violoncello and its history.
ML 915 .W323 1968