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Video Game Studies

Selected resources designed to assist in researching the interdisciplinary field of computer and video game studies, as well as the study of other types of games.

Searching in Databases

For more information on what databases are, what kinds of databases the University of Michigan Library subscribes to, and how to best utilize them in your research into video game studies and other topics of interest, please see the Finding Articles article in the Essentials of Library Research guide. This article provides general facts on databases, as well as how to use some of the major databases the library subscribes to.

General Databases for Game Studies

For finding academic articles about video games and game research, we recommend using the U-M Library Articles Search (filter by 'Articles from Scholarly Journals Only' in the search results screen.)

The additional databases listed below also include links to full text articles and journals pertaining to computer and video game studies research, analysis, criticism, and other writings on the field.

Recommended Database Search Terms

General Search Terms

Video games

Videogames (one word)

Electronic games

Computer games


Internet games

Online games


Game Studies Specific Terms

Video games AND History

Video games AND psychology

computer games AND psychology

Computer games AND History

Computer games AND psychological aspects

Video games AND social aspects

Computer games AND social aspects

Video games and children