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Religious Studies

Important resources for the study of religion at the University of Michigan

Consulting secondary sources

Secondary sources are distant from the historical phenomena they address and draw on primary sources for their analysis. 

Secondary sources can be found in the form of published scholarly literature on a topic. 

Literature indexes / databases (topical or interdisciplinary) are helpful for locating secondary sources.

For a broad idea of the secondary literature out there on your topic, from an interdisciplinary perspective, try Library Articles Search. Your results will include scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and more. 

Selection of literature databases / indexes for religious studies

Browse Library Databases Search : Religious Studies to find a more complete list of literature indexes, reference works, and electronic text collections pertaining to religious studies. 

Other discipline-specific literature databases may also be useful --- Anthropology Plus, CINAHL, Political Science Complete, PsycINFO, etc

By tradition, region, etc

Selection of religious studies journals

Here are just a few of the many religious studies journals listed in our Library Catalog Search.

To locate additional journals, search by title or enter relevant topical terms and then refine your search results by clicking on "Serial" or "Journal" under "Filter your search"​

You can also browse our online journals!