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K-12 Community Engagement: Resources, Research and Services

Provides resources for local middle and high school students, and those that engage with students in the community that will help develop their research and life skills.

What is the Community Resource Progam?

The Community Resource Program has been around since the beginning of 1970s and started out of Community High School.  It is a student led program where students reach out to local academic institutions to see if that can sit in on their courses.  It is up to faculty to say yes or no.

Dual Enrolled Program for High School Students?

No.  This program is an agreement among faculty and high school students on attending course sessions at the university.  If faculty says yes for a student to attend their sessions, then the student will an official confirmation to give to the school. Faculty confirms by emailing the Community Resource Program so that they can inform the school that  the student is taking courses.

On the Average 30-50 students attend courses at academic institutions and receive high school credit not college credit due to them not technically being enrolled at the university.

For All Local High Schools in Washtenaw County?

No.  The program is only open to all Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Are Students Able to Use Our Printed and Electronic Collections?

High Students are allowed to use our spaces and collections in person.  However, students are unable to use our electronic collections offsite based on them not officially being enrolled at the university.  In order to use our electronic resources off of campus, the student will need to have a college ID (Mcard), a uniqname (username) and a generated university password.  The only way to get these forms identification is to be enrolled at the university.

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