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K-12 Community Engagement: Resources, Research and Services

Provides resources for local middle and high school students, and those that engage with students in the community that will help develop their research and life skills.

K-12 Summer Programs

The University Libraries provide partnership and support for many of the K-12 Summer Programs on campus both internal/external.  We provide instruction, library accounts while on campus, mentorship and work opportunities.  The resources that are being shared are a way to engage your student in not only college-research but life opportunities outside of course work.  It is important to note that when accessing the University of Michigan Library's electronic resources and physical material, the student will need to have a valid Mcard, uniqname and password.

University of Michigan

Community Programs - K-12

Washtenaw Summerworks Youth Employment Program is an opportunity for 16-24 youth get the experience of working in the library where they develop work and life skills, mentorship and leadership skills. This is the promo video getting a perspective about the program from the intern's point of view. The library has been involved as a partner since 2016.  For more information please click on the shared link.


This is the Washtenaw Summerworks Youth Employment Program from the Interns' perspective including the library.

This is the Washtenaw Summerworks Youth Employment Program from the Employers' perspective including the library.

University of Michigan: Center for Educational Outreach - K-12 Inititatives

Youth Hub is a tool to use to locate programs for K-12 at the University of Michigan.




University of Michigan: Children on Campus

University of Michigan Library: Community Partnerships - K-12