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K-12 Community Engagement: Resources, Research and Services

Provides resources for local middle and high school students, and those that engage with students in the community that will help develop their research and life skills.

Help With College Research?

Steps to Learning How to Research

The University of Michigan Library has many guides that will help you develop your research skills.

Highly Recommended Databases for Middle and High School Students

What is a database?  A database is an electronic collection of scholarly and peer reviewed articles, ebooks, newspaper articles, and media.  Some of the databases that are listed will be licensed through University of Michigan Libraries, Ypsilanti District Library and Ann Arbor District Library.  The databases are specifically to be used by middle and high school students for college level research.  If you are a guest, in order to use the University of Michigan Library databases, you will need to come to the library.  For Ypsilanti District Library and Ann Arbor District Library, you will need to have a library card to access their databases.

Primary Sources: What about Books, Media and Other Related Material?

Examples of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources





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How Do I Cite a Resource?

To Google or Not to Google for Research?

What is a domain?  A domain is an address name to locate websites.   When looking for credible resources online, it is important to check the domain that the information is listed on.  There are many ways to know if an online source is reputable:

Identifying Credible Websites: Identifying Credible Websites



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