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K-12 Community Engagement: Resources, Research and Services

Provides resources for local middle and high school students, and those that engage with students in the community that will help develop their research and life skills.

What is a Service Desk?

A Service Desk in the library  is the "heartbeat" to the building of service.   There are many services desks: Access Services (circulation), Reference, Stacks and others.  This is the desk you go to for help with any resource you need.

Information Services Desk processes the following:

   * Directional questions Hatcher South Information Services Desk | University of Michigan Library

  •    * Checking out / returning material

  •    * Picking up material on the hold request

  •    * Pay an overdue fine

   * How to look up material in the stacks. 


Reference / Ask A Librarian Services Desk processes the following:

    *  Provides Research Help                                     Ask a Librarian Desk | University of Michigan Library             

    *  Connecting users to digital and print resources

    *  Basic instruction on library catalog, printing and subject specific material

     * Answer questions via chat, text, phone and in person




Are ALL Libraries the Same?

Academic Libraries ( 2 to 4 year institutions)

College campus environment 2 to 4 year educational institutions - this is where librarians work mostly with the campus community: students, faculty, staff and community.  Academic librarians are also considered as faculty due to them being able to teach and provide instruction pertaining to literacy.

Public Libraries

Community based environment.  Librarians work with all diverse cultures in the community: youth, seniors, families, adults, people with disabilities, local businesses and organizations.

School Libraries (K-12 )

Media Specialists assist K-12 students developing their research skills and literacy.

Special Libraries

These libraries are subject focused and librarians are considered Subject Specialists.  In the following areas:

  • Music

  • Science

  • Math

  • Law

  • Corporate

  • Engineering and many other subject areas


Library Careers

  • Librarians -must have a Masters Degree of Library Science

  • Library Assistants

  • Library Clerks

  • Information Resource Assistants

  • Library Technicians

  • Computer Support Specialists

  • Access Services /Circulation Supervisors and Managers

  • Library Deans

  • Library Managers

  • Library Directors

Interested in Becoming an Information Specialist?

If you are interested in having a career in the library, the ways you can do that are applying for a job, volunteer, or become a participant of programs like Summerworks.  If you are specifically interested in becoming a librarian, there are many programs that can assist you and it also requires a Master's Degree in Library Science.


MLIS Programs in Michigan

University of Michigan's School of Information is an in person program that is more specific to technology and data areas of librarianship.

Wayne State University School of Information is an online program that is more focused on patronage, technology and service.

Library Terms and Definitions

Library terms are very important to know when researching or locating material.

What is a Call Number?

This is a YouTube video on how to locate material on shelves in libraries that use the Library of Congress (LC) system.  Many academic (university libraries) use this coding system.  University of Michigan Library is different in where it offers both LC and Dewey Call numbers.  The Dewey Call Numbers are only offered at the Hatcher Graduate Library.

This is a YouTube video on how to locate material on the shelves in libraries that use the Dewey Decimal System.  Many public libraries use this coding system.