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K-12 Community Engagement: Resources, Research and Services

Provides resources for local middle and high school students, and those that engage with students in the community that will help develop their research and life skills.

Introduction: K-8 and High School Students

The University Libraries welcome students from local area high schools  to use our spaces, services and programs on campus.  University Libraries would like to introduce students to valuable tools when it comes to college level research and "life" readiness in college and beyond.  If you are a parent, teacher, librarian or student and are interested in what we offer, please feel free to reach out to me.

If you are a community middle or high school student, teacher, librarian or parent, you will not be able to access material or databases listed outside of the university campus.  In order to access our electronic resources outside of campus, you will need a library account unless you are with a summer program on campus which requires a campus Mcard, uniqname, and password.

If you are a Ypsilanti District Library or Ann Arbor District Library user, you will need a library card to use their resources that are included in this guide.

How Do I Use the Library?

This is a YouTube video on how to use the University of Michigan Library Access Services if you are a University of Michigan Student.  The general process is the same if you have used your school or public library.  You will always need a library card to checkout materials and use any services (which includes printing) at any library.  We do not at the moment have library card accounts for middle school and high school students.  However, students all free to use our spaces, material and electronic resources while on campus.

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