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Research Impact Assessment (Health Sciences)

Explore methods and tools for assessing your research impact, including citation tracking and altmetrics.

Engaging Online

Engaging with different online platforms and profiles to manage your researcher identity has a number of benefits:

  • More control over your online presence.
  • Share your work and expertise more broadly, including with the public.
  • Justify your research to taxpayers.
  • Increase your opportunities for impact through greater visibility.

However, this does require some effort and time to curate and/or cultivate the information on different platforms. Below is information about different ways to engage online and different platforms that you can use to cultivate an online presence.

Note: Mentioning a particular social media platform here does not constitute endorsement.

Best Practices for Engaging Online

  • Decide on goals for engagement
  • Focus on a particular platform or two
  • Connect profiles when possible
  • Control privacy settings
  • Regularly review profiles and privacy settings 
  • Know best practices for your chosen social media platform (hashtags, noting who posts, audience, reading level, etc.)
  • Use a professional photo

Profile Tools & Platforms

Social Media Tools & Platforms