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Research Impact Assessment (Health Sciences)

Explore methods and tools for assessing your research impact, including citation tracking and altmetrics.

Collaboration Networks with VOS Viewer

Co-authorship networks are a visual representation of research networks and can help illustrate the level of collaboration among a group of researchers (e.g., grantees, international or industry collaborators, or faculty mentors).

There are several tools and workflows to create co-authorship networks. VOS Viewer is a free application that is compatible with publication exports from PubMed, Dimensions, Scopus, and Web of Science. It can be used to create co-authorship networks, citation networks based on journals or individual publications, and research term co-occurrence maps, among others.

Image shows a co-authorship network comprised of brightly colored clusters of authors, generated by the VOS Viewer application.

Image source: VOS Viewer

Collaboration Networks within Dimensions Plus

The Dimensions Plus database offers a built-in co-authorship network visualzation tool powered by VOSViewer Online. This Dimensions blog post offers a quick overview of how to create researcher networks using Dimensions Analytical Views:

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