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Research Impact Assessment (Health Sciences)

Explore methods and tools for assessing your research impact, including citation tracking and altmetrics.

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Taubman Health Sciences Library’s Informationists are here to partner with the health sciences community for training, consultation, and resources related to expressing your publications' impact.

  • understand strengths and limitations of citation metrics
  • discover citations from non-scholarly sources like blogs, policy documents, tweets, article downloads, and shares
  • advise on the use of publication-based metrics within evaluation settings
  • point to holistic evaluation frameworks, impact case studies, and best practices
  • increase research visibility, track engagement with your articles
  • craft values-driven research impact statements
  • advise on tracking and managing research groups' publication outputs
  • explore options for communicating and visualizing your research impact


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For more information or to schedule an individual or group consultation, contact the THL Research Impact Core.