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Provides resources, strategies and information on conducting research in nursing.

Specific Evidence-Based Resources

Critical Appraisal of Nursing Research

Questions to Consider When Appraising Nursing Studies

1. Is the research approach appropriate?

2. Was the protection of human subjects considered?

3. Are the details of data collection clearly and logically presented?

4. Are the instrument(s) appropriate for the study both in terms of the problem and the approach?

5. Are the instrument(s) described sufficiently in terms of content, structure, validity and reliability?

6. Is the population and the method for selecting the sample adequately described?

7. Is the method for selection of the sample appropriate?

8. Is the sample size sufficient?

9. Is attrition of sample reported and explained?

10. Does the design have controls at an acceptable level for the threats to internal validity?

11. What are the limits to generalizability in terms of external validity?

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