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Musical Theatre Resources

This guide provides suggested resources for musical theatre research at the University of Michigan.


This is a guide designed to help you locate information and materials related to musical theatre. It is not a complete bibliography, but rather indicates key resources and types of materials that may be useful when seeking information in this area. It can act as a starting point for your research and as a reference point that you can revisit in the future. Along the side are tabs to direct you to information regarding book, score, audio and video recording, article, periodical and other online resources for musical theatre.

Most items listed are available in the Music Library though some materials may be housed in other libraries on campus. Consult the Library Catalog for complete holdings information and availability of materials. If you need assistance, a music librarian will be happy to help you. Also, if you have recommendations for other resources on musical theatre that are not owned by the Music Library, please let us know.

Music Library Contact

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Jason Imbesi
3239 Moore Building
School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2085

Call Number Areas

Below are some selected call number ranges where materials related to musical theatre may be located.  You can browse the shelves or consult the Library Catalog for a more specific listing of materials by call number.

M 1500 Dramatic Music (full scores)
M 1503 Dramatic Music (vocal scores with piano)
M 1504 Dramatic Music, College Musicals
M 1505 Dramatic Music, Excerpts (full scores)
M 1507 Dramatic Music, Excerpts, Collections (vocal scores with piano)
M 1508 Dramatic Music, Excerpts, Individual Works (vocal scores with piano)
M 1630.18 Popular Music, Songs, Collections (vocal scores with piano)
ML 48-50 / ML 54.6 Librettos (stage)
ML 102 .M88 Musicals -- Encyclopedias
ML 128 .M78 Musicals -- Bibliography
ML 410 Biographies, Composers
ML 420 Biographies, Performers
ML 1700-1710 Dramatic Music, General Literature
ML 1711 Dramatic Music, Literature (United States)
ML 1711.8 Dramatic Music, Literature (United States, Cities - ex. New York/Broadway)
ML 2054 Musical Theatre History
ML 2080 Television Musicals, History
MT 67 Musicals -- Writing, Publishing
MT 95 Musicals -- Stories, Plots
MT 820-893 Singing & Vocal Technique
MT 955-960 Techniques: Directing, Production, Performance, Acting (Musical)
PN 1995.9 .M86 / ML 2075 Musical Films, Literature
PN 2055-2065 Acting (General)

To search by call number in the Library Catalog, select "Call number starts with" in the pull-down menu in the Advanced search page and enter the beginning of a call number (ex., M 1503).