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Interprofessional Education and Practice


Anti-racism is a growing and very important area of academic interest. Currently, there is little research to be found about IPE's place in anti-racism efforts, but we hope this guide will help inspire future research and innovation at the University of Michigan.

If you're aware of additional resources, please share them with us! Email suggestions to and we'll add them to this page.

Other University of Michigan Guides of Interest

While these are not directly related to IPE, you may be interested in some related resource guides created by the University of Michigan Library. 

  • Anti-Racism 
    • A great starting place for resources on anti-racism work, with a particular focus on COVID-19 and racial disparities in Southeast Michigan. 
  • Skin of Color
    • Resources for teaching, learning, research, and clinical practice in all areas of healthcare and their intersection with skin of color.
  • Health Disparities
    • An interdisciplinary guide to studying health disparities in the United States.
  • U.S. Community Health
    • A guide to finding data about national, state, and local population demographics and their associated health concerns.

Selected Resources: Anti-Racism in Interprofessional (or Health Professions) Education



A selection of articles, organized by date. 

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Non-University of Michigan Resources

Many organizations around the country have put together excellent resource lists of anti-racism in the health sciences. These include links to articles, books, podcasts, videos, organizations, and more. Here are a few.

There are many open resources on these guides, but there are also some (particularly in book lists) which may take you to a non-U-M library link. Paste those titles into the U-M library search box, for U-M access. Contact us if you run into any problems! 

You may also be interested to know about anti-racist interprofessional courses or programs offered at the following institutions: