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Research Data Management (Health Sciences)

Benefits of Research Data Management

Good data management will help you save time and increase the impact of your research. During a project, there are steps you can take to make your data:

  • easier to use and interpret
  • accessible now and in the future
  • publishable and reusable
  • compliant with funder and journal policies.

The Taubman Library provides services and expertise to help students, researchers, and faculty finddescribe, organize, analyze, store, and share the data you produce at any point in the research data lifecycle.

The Research Data Management Lifecycle

Each of the boxes in the diagram below represents a stage in the research lifecycle. The lifecycle model is used to provide context in describing data stewardship activities that should take place over the course of a research project. For more detail on activities during each of these phases use the menu in the lefthand pane.