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Finding Statistics and Data Sets

Find data produced by governments IGOs, NGOs, and the private sector on a wide variety of topics including demographic data on local communities, other countries, public opinion polls, criminal justice, incarceration and jails

What Data does the Library Have?

The Library licenses access to many different sources of data. Below is a list of some frequently used licensed datasets. To find more try the link below to search in Library Databases Search

Data Axle - Data on Businesses and Services

CoreLogic Parcel Level Real Estate Data

L2 Historical Voter Dataset

Data on Countries

Bibliometric Data - Clarivate's Web of Science Data

Web of Science (Clarivate) provides a Core Collection of multidisciplinary indexes which permit searching for articles that cite a known author or work.

  • The U-M Library Web of Science license includes access to the Web of Science Lite API. However, because of limitations in the fields that can be returned, for bibliometric analysis, we recommend that you work with the library's local copy of xml files of the Web of Science Core Collection. The files include:
    • Science Citation Index - 1900 - present

    • Social Science Citation Index - 1900 - present

    • Arts & Humanities Citation Index - 1975 - present

    • Conference Proceedings Citation Index - 1990 - present

    • Book Citation Index - 2005 - present

    • Emerging Sources Citation Index - 2015 - present

  • To request access to the xml files, please email the library text and data mining group: