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Classical Studies

Find resources related to Greek, Roman, and Byzantine literature, history, and archaeology.

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Citation Suggestions in Classical Studies

Although Classical Studies doesn't have a single citation style, many publications use a variation of Chicago Manual of Style or MLA handbook. A full list of manuals is located below.

  • The American Journal of Archaeology (AJA) has a style guide that incorporates elements from the Chicago Manual of Style. 
  • The Society for Classical Studies (SCS) has a style sheet for TAPA which is used by other publishers.

Both the AJA and TAPA style guidelines are good places to start if you are not sure how to format your citation. 

You might also look at how former Classical Studies graduate students formatted their citations in their dissertations published in U-M's Deep Blue repository. Here are three examples:

The U-M Library has a Citation Help research guide here.

Abbreviations in Classical Studies

Style guides require the use of journal and reference work abbreviations in citations. Here are three examples:

  • L'Année Philologique provides a list of abbreviations here.
  • The American Journal of Archaeology (AJA) provides a list of abbreviations here.
  • The Oxford Classical Dictionary provides a list of abbreviations here.


Furthermore, style guides require the use of ancient author and title abbreviations in citations. In general, square brackets [ ] indicate erroneous or doubtful attributions and should not be removed from your citation. Here are two examples:

  • The Oxford Classical Dictionary provides a list of abbreviations here.
  • The Perseus Digital Library Project provides a list of abbreviations here.

Style Handbooks and Manuals

Citation Management Tools

Citation management software helps you:

  • organize references, PDFs, and images for quick retrieval
  • take notes on references and PDFs
  • format bibliographies and in-text citations in hundreds of citations styles
  • share references and collaborate on projects with colleagues

Find more information on citation management tools here, including comparing tools, how get started, how to get help, and more.


Sweetland Writing Center

Microsoft Word for Dissertations by ScholarSpace

Word for Dissertation Content and Resources

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  • Using Images, Charts and Other Non-Text Objects
  • Inserting Captions
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Working with Styles

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  • Modifying Styles
  • Modifying Heading 1 Example
  • Setting Margins
    • Setting a Two-Inch Margin Using Styles

Automatic Numbering

  • Customizing Your Numbers
  • Outline Numbering in Appendices

Creating and Using Templates

Combining Chapters

Finalizing Dissertation Without Styles

Adding Page Numbers

  • Adding page numbers general information
  • Using sections to control page numbering
  • Breaking the connection between sections
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Landscape Pages

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Commenting and Reviewing

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