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Political Science

Find political science data, articles, encyclopedias, handbooks and information about quantitative and qualitative research methods along with information on writing dissertations, publishing, and non-traditional research methods like digital scholarship

Some Books about Non-Traditional Research Methods

Accessing Social Media Content

See the Social Media Research Guide for data sources and information on social media research methods

Accessing News Content for Text Mining

Finding Government Information for Text Analysis

Finding Spatial Data

See the Geospatial Data Research Guide for finding geospatial data.

Contact the Clark Library at for help finding and using geospatial data.

Learn new programs

Support for Data Visualization

The Library offers support for data visualization at the Clark Library, Digital Media Commons, and Taubman Health Sciences Library. See the Library Data Visualization webpage for more information.

Support for GIS

The Library's Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SAND) provides support for GIS at the Clark Library and SAND North in the Art and Architecture Building.

The Guide to ArcGIS resources on campus provides information on how to find for-credit courses, open workshops and online modules on ArcGIS

GIS and Social Science Research