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Resources for Video Creation

Do you want to make a video, but don't know where to begin? This guide will introduce you to basic video concepts and helpful resources available to you at the University of Michigan Libraries.


Welcome to the Resources for Video Creation Guide!
Person holding video camera at us.
This guide was created to be your one-stop for all video resources needed to create a successful video. You may not know it, but the 
library is a great location for your video and multimedia needs. The library has full video and audio studios, advanced Podcasting suites, multimedia workrooms, recording booths, powerful computer and equipment, and most important -- staff who are available to support YOU.

This guide is packed full of tips and best practices for creating a video or screencast. From planning to recording, to editing and sharing, we cover all the steps of creating a video from start to finish.



Relevant Research Guides

Additonal Guidance


The Library has created a number of excellent research guides which provide information that will be useful to you if you are using video resources in your classes.