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Resources for Video Creation

Introduction to basic video concepts and helpful resources available at the University of Michigan Library.

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Welcome to Resources for Video Creation

This guide showcases the steps and resources needed to create a successful video. You may not know it, but the library is a great location for your video and multimedia needs. The library has full video and audio studios, advanced Podcasting suites, multimedia workrooms, recording booths, powerful computer and equipment, and most important -- staff who are available to support YOU.


There is a person standing next to a video camera on a tripod and the background is filled of blue and red light.

What's in this guide?

  • Tips for planning your video. How to prepare and examples of storyboards and scripts.
  • Techniques and best practices to film interviews or screencasts.
  • Overview of video editing software. Whether you're a beginner or expert, there are tools available to you at the university.
  • Ways to make sure your video is accessible for all users.
  • Additional resources at the library. The library in jam-packed with so many helpful resources that you may be surprised what you discover!




Additional Guidance

The Library has created a number of excellent research guides that provide useful information regarding using video resources in your coursework, class, or research.