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Daniel Clowes Biography & Criticism

Daniel Clowes Bibliography

Major works by Daniel Clowes in the U-M Library collection. For others, do an author search in Mirlyn for "Clowes, Daniel".

See also Daniel Clowes comics available online in the Underground and Independant Comics database.

About Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes is an American cartoonist and author of several graphic novels. Clowes began his career with the comic strip Lloyd Llewellyn, followed by the Eightball anthology, which ran from 1989-2004. During this time, Eightball became an important work in alternative comics, winning multiple Eisner and Harvey awards. Certain Eightball stories served as premises for some of Clowes' graphic novels, including David Boring, Ice Haven and Ghost World. In 2001, Ghost World was adapted into a feature film, directed by Terry Zwigoff and co-written by Zwigoff and Clowes.

Daniel Clowes Articles

A selection of journal articles about Daniel Clowes and his works. To find more, search in Library Articles Search on "Daniel Clowes", limiting to articles from scholarly journals.