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ChemBioOffice: Professional illustrations and beyond for chemists and biologists

Basics for using ChemBioOffice/ChemBioDraw and brief introduction to applications of its different tools

Chemistry Templates

You may download newly developed templates from CambrigeSoft for free. Go to and select the Download tab.

To add the template into your ChemBioOffice or ChemBioDraw, please follow the instruction in this article here  

For glassware and equipment drawings, consider using

For more chemical images, explore

Download ChemDraw/Excel Patch

If you would like to add the ChemDraw plugin into Excel, please follow the instructions here.

ChemDraw Workshop

These materials were created by Janelle Kirsch, Nicole Perkins, and Amie Frank for ChemDraw workshop in 2018.

Shortcuts Handout

Student Booklet

Changing Hotkeys