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ChemBioOffice: Professional illustrations and beyond for chemists and biologists

Basics for using ChemBioOffice/ChemBioDraw and brief introduction to applications of its different tools

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Yulia Sevryugina
205-C Hatcher North,
913 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-1190


Chem & Bio Office is a software suite used by chemists and biologists to create professional structures, figures and diagrams for research and scholarly communication. It also offers tools for predicting properties and spectra based on structures. Furthermore, the suite also offers knowledge management and infomatics tools and related databases application for lab use.  

This guide focuses on basic creation of structures and diagrams as well as properties and spectra prediction by using ChemBioOffice.

Install ChemDraw

ChemDraw can be installed from Mi Software Center. For assistance with download, please contact 4-HELP