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ChemBioOffice: Professional illustrations and beyond for chemists and biologists

Basics for using ChemBioOffice/ChemBioDraw and brief introduction to applications of its different tools

Components and Availability for Win and Mac

The site license for the University of Michiganis for the ChemBioOffice Ultra 2010, which includes the following components listed in the table. Less features are available for Mac than for Windows but most 2D drawing tools are available for both platforms. If Mac users would like to use the components not available for Mac, you may use it through Virtual Site as shown above or install it on the paralle Windows system on your Mac (e.g. BootCamp, or VMWare Fusion etc. ).

Software Windows Mac
CHemDraw Ultra
ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro
ChemBio3D Ultra
ChemBioFinder Ultra
BioDraw Ultra/Pro
Statistica™ Base
BioAssay Pro
ChemBioViz Pro
Inventory Pro
E-Notebook Pro
Ideal Compound Profiling
ChemNMR & cLogP
MNova Std/Lite
Database Hotlink
Structure Cleanup
Stoichimetry Grid
TLC Plate Tool
Polymer Draw
Sequence Tool
ChemACX: Personal Internet Edition
ChemINDEX&NCI: Personal Internet Edition
Ashgate Drugs 2.1 Personal Internet Edition


For more details about the components, see

Data Formats and Compatibility

The file formats ChemBioDraw can open/save as are listed under question 9 of this article at

The file formats ChemBio3D can open/save as are listed under question 3 of this article at