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Tips for Using Library Search

Provides some tips and strategies for effectively using the University of Michigan Library search engine.

Browse in Library Catalog Search

Browse by call number to see the relationship to similar materials as if they were on a library shelf. Browse by author to view an alphabetical list of author names. Browse by subject to find related, topical items.Screenshot of Library Search pull-down menu, with subject browse option highlighted


Browse Databases or Online Journals

You may want to view databases or online journals subscriptions by broad subjects. You can also browse an alphabetical list of database titles or online journal titles. The browse technique is especially useful when you do not know the exact title of the database or online journal.  

From the Library Database Search screen, click on the Browse all Databases for options to browse by exact database title or by broad subject areas (academic discipline). 

Screen shot of Database Browse page, with clickable links to categories of online databases, by title or by academic discipline.

From the Library Online Journals Search screen, click on the Browse all Online Journals for options to view exact journal titles alphabetically or by academic discipline.

Screen shot of online journal browse list, with clickable links to alphabetical list of titles or to subject categories of titles.