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Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

Basics for podcasts and other forms of audio storytelling production.

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Books on Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

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Podcasts About Podcasting

Podcasts About Podcasting

There are lots of podcasts out there about making a podcast. What you'll find below are a number of shows dedicated to the craft of audio storytelling, including shows that focus on everything from interviewing techniques to equipment to getting your. . podcast heard. Many of them also feature interviews with podcast producers that can inspire you to make your own work.

  • HowSound
    • A podcast dedicated to audio storytelling from PRX and Transom and hosted by Rob Rosenthal. 
  • The Turnaround
    • Jesse Thorn talks to some of the best interviewers in radio, television, and more about the art and craft of a good interview. 
  • Out on the Wire
    • The companion podcast to Jessica Abel's graphic novel about public radio storytelling, Out on the Wire
  • For Your Ears Only
    • The companion podcast to Podacsting: The Audio Media Revolution, by Martin Spinelli and Lance Dann. 
  • The Big Listen
    • Show from WAMU and NPR about making and listening to podcasts. 

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Finding More Using Library Catalog Search

U-M Library Catalog Search

Catalog Search is the definitive place for finding materials held by the U-M Library. Results will include everything in our physical collection (books, audio, video, maps, musical scores, archival materials, and more), as well as materials available online such as electronic books, streaming audio and video, and online journals.

Search Tips
It can be useful to employ Boolean operators to narrow your search results:
AND - only return results that include X AND Y
OR - include results that include just X, just Y, and both
NOT - exclude results with any instance of X
* - (wildcard) captures variations of search terms (e.g. a search for (teach*) would return teach, teaches, teaching, teacher, teachers)
"" - placing a term in quotes returns only results that include the whole phrase as typed
() - use parentheses to order your operators (which operators should the search engine pay attention to first?)


Putting it Together
Example query: (podcast* AND (tool* OR "recording equipment" OR gear)) NOT advertising

This search would return results that include ALL of the following:

1. A variation of the word "podcast" such as podcast, podcasts, podcaster, podcasting

2. One or more of the following: a variation of 'tool,' the uninterrupted term "recording equipment," or the word 'gear'

3. No instance of the word, 'advertising'

***Some search engines have different wildcards (like the * described here) or lack them entirely. OR, AND, and NOT are fairly universal, however, as are the "" and ()