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Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

Basics for podcasts and other forms of audio storytelling production.


Dedicated Audio Recorders

A dedicated audio recorder is an essential tool if you ever plan on capturing any audio outside a studio setting (i.e. field recording) and can even be handy within a studio context. Here are Tascam's and Zoom's industry standard offerings for different segments of the market.

Entry Level: Zoom H1N || Tascam DR-05

Middle of the Road: Zoom H4N || Tascam DR-40

Pro/Elite: Zoom H6 || Tascam DR-100



Another key subset of podcasting gear is microphones. Plenty has been written about microphones, so rather than add to the din, here are a few articles comparing the merits of various makes and models:

The Best Podcasting Microphones on the Market, By Category (The Podcast Host)

25 of the Best Podcast Microphones (Discover Pods)



Here is a nice list of quality headphones at budget prices (the article lacks a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of actual features, but it is still a good short list to start your search; more detailed specifications for each of these models are available on Guitar Center’s website).



Here is a nice post by Daniel Lewis over at 'The Audacity to Podcast' that talks through the advantages of incorporating a mixer into your podcasting utility belt and closes with a list of recommended models.


So you've figured out what gear you plan on using to record the material that will become your podcast. Now it's time to decide what software you will hook that gear up to in order to do your recording and editing. The sheer volume and range of software applications for audio engineering can be a bit intimidating. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it includes a good range of options from simple, beginner-friendly platforms to fully outfitted, steeper-learning-curve packages.